The Sunday Magazine: New York Comic-Con 2015

For those of you who have followed me around as I’ve written in various places you know October is a month where all my geek passions are allowed to flourish. For the purposes of the blog Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2015 will take place near the end of the month as I reconnect with all my fabulous scented family in NYC. I’ll be spending plenty of time covering that when it comes. Next weekend I will be in NYC too but not for anything to do with perfume. It is New York Comic-Con 2015.

Myself and 150,000 other geeks will convene in the Jacob Javits Center for four days of comics, gaming, television and film, and cosplay. I recently realized this will be the 40th straight year I have attended at least one Comic-Con. I have spoken before at how much things have changed but it will still bring a smile to this old nerd’s face to watch this new generation made up of almost equal numbers of men and women share our passion.


What am I looking forward to?

First and foremost the viewing party for The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere in Madison Square Garden. I’ve been in places where I’ve watched something with a few thousand other fans but this is going to be epic as 20,000 Walking Dead fans will see the first episode and that will be followed by a panel with the cast. I am looking forward to that “Oooh!” moment as it comes out of 20K mouths.

We are going to get the world premiere of the first episode of the new “The X-Files”. I am really looking forward to seeing how Scully and Mulder are drawn back into their investigations again.

Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and Jewel Staite are having a “Firefly” Reunion and even though I know there will be no more I love hearing these three people who love the fans interact with us.

Another person who gets the fans is Bruce Campbell and he will be showing off his new TV series “Ash vs. Evil Dead” I know he will be ready to bring the fun at the panel.

I am a big fan of the Netflix series with Marvel’s Daredevil. The next series features a new character less familiar to most, Jessica Jones, and we are going to get a preview of that new series.

I have been very hopeful that the new Supergirl TV series is going to be good and I’ll get my chance to make my first assessment as they show us the first episode.

As always the updates from the creators of my favorite comics from Marvel and DC will give me a head’s up on what is coming for the next year. Now that Secret Wars is wrapping up at Marvel I am interested to see where things are going next.

Despite all of this I know there will be a couple of panels I am not expecting which will show me something completely new. Every Comic-Con seems to spawn a new obsession. For the next week the world of fragrance will take a back seat to the world of heroes and villains and those dressed up as them.

Mark Behnke

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