The Pierre Benard Challenge Introduction

Those who are close to me know I am not one for these “challenges” which spring up on social media. Thankfully, they also know me well enough not to tag me as someone to keep the challenge going. It has been an easy thing to ignore. Until there was a challenge that I did find interesting.

When I was part of the original team at CaFleureBon editor-in-chief Michelyn Camen gave Pierre Benard of OSMOART the opportunity to create a piece for the blog. I did not know M. Benard back in 2010 when his first piece was published. I would become an enthusiastic fan of his ability to tie scent, emotion, and art together in personal ways. Whenever I see there is a new piece from him, I always go right to it. It always provides a unique perspective on scent.

Starting at the end of April, with Ms. Camen, M. Benard challenged each person tagged to “post ten smell, perfumes or posters that infused your life”. Ms. Camen has dutifully tagged people who have tagged people and so on. Some of the best part of my Facebook feed has been seeing what various friends in the social media fragosphere have answered. Some I kind of knew and others were total surprises. None bigger than this time, for the only time, I wanted to play.

Then I remembered I have a blog. I also have only been receiving a trickle of new perfumes to consider for review because of the pandemic. Instead of doing posts about the best perfumes of the decade or something like that. I’m going to spend the next ten days doing the challenge with one post per day. Because I have a blog I can be as wordy, or nerdy, as I like. Join me on Monday for Day 1.

Mark Behnke

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