New Perfume Review Montale Velvet Fantasy- Floral Gourmand Extreme

Regular readers know of my struggles with the current trend towards transparent fragrances. It is the majority of what I receive from the mainstream brands these days. After a few days of this style I yearn for something with more presence. There is one brand which will never let me down. Montale Velvet Fantasy provided something like the current trend without the opacity.

What I have enjoyed from today’s perfumery is the rise of the floral gourmand. Velvet Fantasy is that style of fragrance done with presence. It helps answer a question I’ve been asking myself. Would I like a full-throated floral gourmand as much as the airier versions I’ve been getting? This does answer that because in the higher concentrations it allows for subtle nuances to appear that would not in a more expansive construct.

It opens on a trio of fruit scents through citrus, berries, and apple. The citrus and berries are juicy effects while the apple provides a crisp tart contrast. It sets up violet to come next. That floral in this concentration carries a candied profile in which the crystals of sugar crunch within the floral. This is where the gourmand pieces start to appear. A caramel-like accord is sweetened with vanilla and leather. You might no think of the latter as something which belongs in a gourmand accord. It reminded me of the slightly burnt smell of the caramel when I’ve made home made versions. The base is a rich amber and white musk duo.

Velvet Fantasy has 16-18 hour longevity and above average sillage.

It turns out that I do enjoy a more powerful floral gourmand. This would not have been as enjoyable if the violet were not as present. It is the piece of this which elevates the whole experience for me. It also serves to provide the needed change before I am inundated with the lighter versions again.

Disclosure: This review was based on a sample provided by Montale.

Mark Behnke