New Perfume Review Juliette Has a Gun Musc Invisible- A Real Clean and Fresh

When I first started writing about perfume, I was not a fan of white musk. It too often acted like the fragrance equivalent of nails across a blackboard. It would always irritate me to have it show up later in a perfume I was otherwise enjoying. My attitude would change as perfumers found new dimensions for these ingredients. While I found a single white musk unpleasant it turns out that more was better. Recent compositions have learned to layer these ingredients in a way which takes them from discordant to pleasantly soft. Juliette Has a Gun Musc Invisible is one of these.

Romano Ricci

Another term for white musk is laundry musk. It is because these types of ingredients come from the fragrances added to laundry detergents. They have the tendency to capture that freshly cleaned scent of cotton perfectly. Romano Ricci chooses to make Musc Invisible that style with a jasmine fabric softener along for the ride.

Musc Invisible is a linear fragrance, it all comes together rapidly and lingers for hours. It is a simple note list of jasmine, cotton flower, and white musk. The cotton flower provides the fabric which has a kind of starched quality. The white musk and the jasmine provide the freshly cleaned aspect. Even though this is a laundry musk it is not soapy. It is the epitome of clean so many perfumes attempt to find. Musc Invisible inhabits that with ease. The jasmine is one of the indole-free synthetics. Which is why I think of fabric softener. As it comes together it is a favorite white t-shirt which you take off the clothesline just as it has finished drying. Musc Invisible is what it smells like as you pull it over your head.

Musc Invisible has 12-14 hour longevity and moderate sillage.

There are few perfumes which are as easy wearing as this. Some of it is because of the familiarity we all have with the scent of clean laundry. I also think it is the simplicity of a real clean and fresh which truly makes this stand out.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample I purchased.

Mark Behnke