New Perfume Review Ellis Brooklyn Salt- Twilight Surf Casting

My childhood in South Florida contained many simple pleasures. One of my favorites was biking to my secret fishing spot on a secluded beach. I would try to be in place about an hour before sunset. Which meant I had to get on my bike an hour prior to that. Every fisherman has their special place. Mine was on the back side of Key Biscayne. It was secluded because I had to hike out into the water to get around some of the thicker foliage to find the beach again. It was a place to go when you wanted solitude. Or as I figured out a place for couples to enjoy themselves. I ran into more than a few of those wearing smiles heading home as I headed for my spot.

Surf casting consists of taking advantage of the feeding schools of fish just offshore. With an extra-long rod I would get a running start and with a two-handed technique fling my line out beyond the breakers. It was typically good fishing where I would get a nice size mackerel or two.

Bee Shapiro

While waiting for a bite as the day cooled there were night-blooming flowers which grew at the edge of the sand. The sun was behind me so I couldn’t see it on the horizon. The way I tracked time was the increase in the floral scent as I would sit on a chunk of driftwood. I hadn’t thought of this for years until I received my sample of Ellis Brooklyn Salt.

Bee Shapiro has been overseeing one of the best new brands. Her aesthetic is simple which she has turned into some of the better examples of the current transparent perfume trend. Salt is another extension of that.

When I see a perfume called Salt, I am expecting aquatic. When I sprayed it the first time, I was surprised at the white flowers which came first. Tiare and magnolia are given support through ylang-ylang. A bit of violet leaf gives a hint of green. The white flowers sparkle while the ylang-ylang adds a tropical fruit undertone as banana and coconut seem to come from it. It ends on a mixture of sandalwood and ambergris capturing the driftwood and brine of my fishing spot.

Salt has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage.

I have been looking for a new weekend morning running errands scent. I view these as the equivalent of jeans, t-shirt and flips. Salt is a wonderfully easy-going fragrance I think it is going to be accompanying on my current fishing expeditions….at the fish market.

Disclosure: this review is based on a sample supplied by Sephora.

Mark Behnke