New Perfume Review Ariana Grande God is a Woman- New Direction, Same Quality


Over the last three years the fragrances with Ariana Grande’s name on them have been surprisingly good for celebuscents. One reason is the creative team, who I am still frustratingly unable to identify made a smart move. They hopped on the transparent floral gourmand bandwagon right away. Starting with Cloud and followed by Thank U Next and REM they produced three of the better examples of the trend. They also chose to house them in eye-catching bottles which for a change weren’t the only creative thing on display. I was wondering if they were going to keep on working the trend or if they might make a change. Ariana Grande God is a Woman signals that maybe a new day has begun.

Perfumer Jerome Epinette is behind this new perfume. He was the composer of Thank U Next. His general style fits the transparent goals of the brand. That characteristic remains. What is different is instead of floral gourmand, God is a Woman is a fruity floral. Some might think that is an undetectable distinction. The three earlier releases while being sweet used cookie or pastry-like accords to partner the floral. Here it is a recognizable fruit in pear.

Jerome Epinette

The pear is what begins this. Now this is probably the creative team jumping on another trend. Especially in the mass-market sector it seems like there was a sale on the pear perfume ingredient. I feel safe in saying I have received a perfume featuring pear at least once a week this year. That doesn’t make it good or bad because it is the rest of the fragrance which determines whether it is enjoyable.

In this case M. Epinette takes the botanical musk of ambrette seed and wraps it around the pear. Having this up front gives the pear a subtle shading so that the fruitiness doesn’t blare off the skin. It diffuses it until its floral partner arrives. Iris comes forward in a way I don’t usually get in a mass-market release. He uses the powderiness which is usual. It adds to the hazy fruit. What also comes out is the rootiness in the carrot-y way iris sometimes has. It harmonizes especially well with the ambrette seed. This is an unusually kinetic accord for this kind of fragrance. A little vanilla adds some extra sweetness like a spritz of whipped cream on top.

God is a Woman has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage.

The creative team behind these Ariana Grande perfumes is doing a fantastic job. They are choosing good perfumers while allowing them some freedom to design differently. While I have no idea of the gender of God, I do know this creative team knows what they’re doing.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by Ulta.

Mark Behnke