New Perfume Review Aerin Cedar Violet- Escape to the Mountains


As we enter the last week of the dog days of summer I turn to one of my favorite summer ingredients for succor. Regular readers will know what it is. I have an odd craving for a big cedar-centric fragrance the hotter things get. What is nice is I usually get a new one to enjoy just at the right time. This year’s version is Aerin Cedar Violet.

Aerin Lauder

Aerin Lauder has found her groove at this brand named after her. Over the last four years I have been appreciative of the work it took to get there. Each successive release is a new mainstream take on a floral ingredient. This has become another line I have become comfortable recommending because while it might not do as much as others, what it does is good. One of the amusing things about Cedar Violet is that the floral isn’t the one on the bottle but gardenia. She collaborates with perfumer Clement Gavarry.

Clement Gavarry

It begins with the silvery green of violet leaf. It is matched with the freshness of muguet. This is a summery type of top accord that eschews citrus for a more verdant alternative. The cedar comes next. What makes me enjoy cedar in the warmer weather is first its cleanliness. In the good ones there is also a raw green woody thread which runs through it. This is what happens here as the top notes and the cedar all align on a green axis. This is where gardenia appears and attaches its green underpinning to the same continuum. This concludes with an austere sandalwood spiced up with amber.

Cedar Violet has 10-12 hour longevity and average sillage.

In the press materials Ms. Lauder said this was inspired by the Adirondack Mountains. On the days I wore this I came to realize that hiking among the trees is just as much a summery scent as anything inspired by the beach. For the reminder of this year’s dog days if I need to escape to the mountains, Cedar Violet is here.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by Nordstrom.

Mark Behnke