New Perfume Review Yves Rocher Bois de Sauge- Sage Springs Eternal

One of the reasons I enjoy spring as much as I do is it the one time of the year where the green scents of nature have precedence. Before the flowers bloom and the fruits and vegetables ripen; the world smells green. The perfume ingredient which captures that best for me is clary sage. The sharp slightly spicy herbal note is what my morning walks with the dogs smell like. When a new perfume shows up featuring it, I am interested. As I was with Yves Rocher Bois de Sauge.

Sonia Constant

I expected this version to be more sage-centric because it comes from Yves Rocher which tends to produce simple constructs. I’ve rarely been disappointed in the ones which feature my favorite ingredients. For Bois de Sauge perfumer Sonia Constant is able to make my morning walk come alive in three well-chosen ingredients.

The first ingredient is the clary sage. Mme Constant uses it to full effect at high concentration. There is the sharp green herbalness. There is a hint of floral and earth too. If you are out walking in these early days of spring this is what I smell most mornings right when I start out. My walk leads me into a stand of trees which is what comes next in Bois de Sauge. The clean woodiness of guaiac wood picks up on the sage adding the woods to the mix. The final ingredient is patchouli which amplifies that earthy undercurrent in the sage. At this point I am completely at peace on my morning walk as well as Bois de Sauge.

Bois de Sauge has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage.

If you want a spring perfume which captures the moment of rebirth Bois de Sauge shows that sage springs eternal.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by Yves Rocher.

Mark Behnke

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