New Perfume Review Tiffany & Co.- Holly Golightly 2017


Tiffany’s has always stood as one of those cultural touchstones where the name is synonymous with luxurious things. Very few brands can be identified by just the color of the container but Tiffany blue indicates something beautiful, and expensive, inside. There are many other references spread throughout pop culture. One of the most famous is the 1961 movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” based on the short story by Truman Capote. The film is much more beloved because it contains a happy ending for the central character Holly Golightly who is portrayed by Audrey Hepburn. I was reminded of all of this as I received my press sample of the new Tiffany & Co. eau de parfum.

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly looking in Tiffany's in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961)

This is not Tiffany’s first foray into the fragrance sector. Back in 1987 they would work with the Chanel creative team for six fragrances until 2003. Of those six, Tiffany and Tiffany for Men, were the stars. Perfumers Francois Demachy and Jacques Polge would design two classic fragrances which embraced the fragrance equivalent of the little blue box.

After 2003 they seemed to lose interest in fragrance and it was just those two first perfumes which were readily available for many years. I’m not sure when those disappeared from the stores but Tiffany has been without a branded fragrance for a few years, at least. When I received the press release in advance of the fragrance I was intrigued because this was going to be something very different from what had come before.

Daniela Andrier

One consistency was working with one of the best perfumers available; for Tiffany & Co. Daniela Andrier would begin the second phase of Tiffany fragrance. The major difference was for this to be a soliflore around iris. I have frequently described soliflores as perfume solitaires with that central note the radiant jewel. It seems appropriate for Tiffany and Mme Andrier to follow through on this analogy. Finally, this is part of the overall lightening of fragrance to appeal to a younger consumer. Tiffany & Co. is brilliant and sparkling in an opaque style.

Mme Andrier uses iris as her core note. This is not an iris which displays its rootier, earthy qualities. It instead is more focused on its higher register character with the powdery style more evident. Mme Andrier clearly wants to keep a firm hand on the powder quotient and so she surrounds the iris with a set of notes to hem that in. Early on it is an acerbic green mandarin providing a citrusy green contrast. To replace the earthiness lost, patchouli replaces a little bit of it providing a type of abstract iris accord. The rest is all fresh white musks providing lift and volume making the whole construct airy and light.

Tiffany & Co. has 8-10 hour longevity and average sillage.

As I wore Tiffany & Co. I easily imagined a current day Holly Golightly wafting this. Mme Andrier has captured the Tiffany style in a different way than what came before. Probably a more contemporary way which will appeal to this generation who dream of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Disclosure: This review is based on a press sample provided by Tiffany & Co.

Mark Behnke

96 thoughts on “New Perfume Review Tiffany & Co.- Holly Golightly 2017

  1. Sorry, I have worn the vintage Tiffany since I was a young women, and the new fragrance does  not compare. I was hoping it would,

    • I want my original Tiffany perfume back. I have worn Tiffany perfume since my late 20's and now I'm in my 70's and always got compliments. The new fragrance does not even come close to the wonderful scent of the original. No compliments and very dissatisfied.

    • I agree. I used to get compliments on the vintage Tiffany Scent. Now everyone says this new scent smells like a baby diaper (smells too much like baby powder). I have been a loyal Tiffany shopper since I was 18 years old. Now in my late 50’s I can’t bring myself to go back since they discontinued the original scent. What were they thinking??

  2.  I am a Tiffany girl with one of the biggest Tiffany jewelry collections in my area. I am dissapointed  in the fragrance. Smells like some other perfume I can’t remember and it doesn’t seem memorable. Bottle is pretty LOL 

  3. I wore Tiffany vintage for 25 yrs and everyone commented how wonderful  the frangrance is.   I was very disappointed with the new parfume.   It is overly flowerly and has a soap smell undertone.    Very disappointed with the new frangrance.

    • Thank you, Thank you, just returning mines, it smells like cheap soap, this perfume is horrible, I am very disappointed… what a waste…

  4. When I was wearing this I suspected those who loved the original might find this lacking. The responses show that might be true. As I mentioned in the review I think they are trying to woo a younger demographic. 


    • I am so disappointed in the new perfume that I have decided so will not buy it anymore. I will switch to other brands.

      I had been using Tiffany perfume for 20 years. Tiffany company doesn’t care about faithful customers. Don’t know who they are trying to cater because younger girls didn’t buy the old Tiffany and they will still not buy the new one. Tiffany has lost a lot of customers 



  5. OMG!! I agree with everyone that dis likes the new scent!!! Its terrible!! BRING BACK the "old" scent!!! Tiffany and CO has made a very BAD decision to discontinue the greatest scent ever made! AND the kicker….when i got my new tiffany in the mail and opened it, then realised the scent had changed they would not return it!!! 

  6. The new perfume is awful.  I have worn Tiffany for almost 30 years.  I get compliments all the time.  I am so diappointed with the new perfume.  Someone bought it for me.  I tried it and literally took a face wipe to get it off of me.  I gae the perfume away.  Tiffany is assocaited with classics.  The perfume was a classic.  This is a HUGE mistake.

  7. Add me to the list of those who would like to see Tiffany & Co reassess their decision to discontinue the classic Tiffany fragrance.  Instead of spending money and time to develop a “new” fragrance only to realize it mimics those fragrances sold at drugstores – why not apply those resources toward development of a new marketing strategy for the classic fragrance?  I’ve worn the classic Tiffany fragrance for over 25 years and have always received countless compliments.  It was my best kept secret.  I figured that one day Tiffany’s Classic fragrance would be “found” and I’d end up having to “share” it with the rest of the world; however, Tiffany never quite realized their only challenge with the fragrance was their lack of a sound marketing strategy.

    • I too have worn this since I was 19. I am devastated with the new scent. It ordinary.  Maybe they should have 2 the original then this heap imposter. 

  8. Such a terrible decision by Tiffany.  My wife took one smell of the new scent and said "well, guess I'm not a Tiffany customer anymore."  What were they thinking?  Leave the old scent and introduce new ones.  If those you introduce don't sell, don't get rid of the old classic to bolster the chance of your new product selling.  You stand the chance of losing a forever customer which in this case has happened.

  9. Was devastated to discover the old scent had been discontinued – I've worn it for 30 years and it always felt distinctive.  I've never found anything else that compares.  The new scent is meh – no longer a Tiffany's customer!

  10.  Tiffany made a BIG BIG BIG mistake in this NEW PERFUME.  

     Somebody was not thinking it is not classic,  it is not timeless …it is garbage literally garbage☹️

     Go back to the original timeless perfume that Tiffany stands for classic!!!

  11. Y found that the new is very simple cheap for young people maybe smell just like anything else outthere what a poor decision is not classic bring the originale you young ceo should work harder to bring a good product not a cheap one use your brain a little bit more keep classic classic why change everything new is not good 

  12. BREAKING NEWS:   ***MINDLESS DECISION TO CHANGE THE TIFFANY FRAGRANCE  IS FROWNED UPON BY CLASSIC VINTAGE TIFFANY WEARERS WORLDWIDE*****It was a kiss of death to introduce this "new Tiffany" which is awful.  There is NOTHING special about this new fragrance that smells like joe blow imitation generic fragrance.  Whose idea was it to change something that was so beloved, smelled fabulously, and had no complaints? I don't understand why you would change perfection? Please go back to the original classic Tiffany scent that we all know and love!! That new Tiffany is HAS NO CHARACTER and nothing that makes it stand out .  The 'New Tiffany will never reach the same level as the vintage.  Marketing tip: Clearly, there is a GARGANTUAN  demand to get rid of the "new Tiffany" and go back to the VINTAGE CLASSIC TIFFANY.   HEED THE ADVICE! IT'S OK TO CHANGE THE BOTTLE, BUT DON'T CHANGE WHAT WAS IN IT!        CLASSIC VINTAGE TIFFANY FOREVER…

  13. Wore the “Classic” and classy Tiffany since 1987. It was my scent…the only! I was devastated to find out that rather than add to their line of perfumes…if they felt the need…Tiffany chose to eliminate their beautiful perfume. Hundreds of compliments throughout 30 years only to try the new perfume and have my husband liken it to the smell of a “urinal mint.” No need to go to Tiffany’s anymore! It was the perfume that brought us into the stores and created those extra purchases. We’re so disappointed…we have no use for them anymore! Poor decision On the part of Tiffany’s!!! So sad!

  14. I need my Tiffany and now it is gone.  This is only fragrance I have worn since it came out!!  I dont even know where to begin with a new scent.  Every day I get a compliment on it. Bring it back PLEASE!!!

  15. I have worn the original woman’s Tiffany Cologne and shopped here for   20 years.  It is so disappointing it has been discontinued. There are so many classic treasures that are being lost; this is another casualty of a error gone by and the true meaning of something classic that I thought Tiffany’s valued. I can’t bring myself to shop there anymore because of this. 

    • I fear this is the refuge of the disappointed. I too wore the scent for 30 years. I was introduced through a sample at a charity fashion show. I got hooked. As others have noted, people of both genders and all walks of life commented favorably; e.g., random people in line, cab drivers, co-workers entering the office. I used all forms-the perfume, the lotion, and the powde–and was not heavy-handed. When I went to get a new bottle I was faced with the reality that the old fragrance had been replaced. Even though the basic fragrace in the bottle was unappealing I spritzed a little to see how it mellowed. I loathe the new fragrance and will not make a purchase.  Too bad for Tiffany's. It would be interesting to see if they are selling more of the new product.

  16. Please return the old tiffany pink eau de toilette. It was amazing. People always complimented me. Worn it since I was 16 and now am 38 and cant believe its gone!!!

  17. The old Tiffany edp for women made me feel special when I wore it.  I received many compliments.  I have tried the two new Tiffant women's fragrances including  'Intense'.  The new edp is 'nothing to write home about'.  It has a common fragrance. And the smell of Intense is reminiscent of expensive baby powder.  What fragrances are similar to vintage Tiffany edp?

  18. Please please bring back the original fragrance.   I have worn it for 40 years with compliments every day even from strangers while walking down the street or in an elevator.  I am highly allergic to most perfumes but Tiffany never affected by allergies.  Trying the new fragrance set off a sneezing and coughing spell.   I have been trying several new perfumes and am not happy with any.   Please I want my original Tiffany back.   

  19. I agree with those who are disappointed in the new Tiffany scent.  There is no comparison to the original Tiffany,  People everwhere would ask me what scent I was wearing.  They found the original Tiffaany just a pleasant fragance.  The new scent is nondiscript and has no lasting power.  l  too wish for the old Tiffany.

  20. PLEASE, Tiffany's- Bring back the original!  It was my favorite and only fragrance.  I wore it for 20 years, as a lot of women here.  So sad about the new fragrance; it is awful.

  21. Please bring back the original Tiffany. I am so disappointed with the new fragrances they smell like cheap brand that I have smelled before. I always felt special when I wore the original Tiffany and always got compliments. I don’t care about the Tiffany jewelry any more it’s was about the fragrance.

    please bring it back                                 Thank you Mrs Valentine 

  22. I agree with all the above comments. I was so disappointed when i heard a new parfum from Tiffanys was out to replace the vintage classic that i have worn for 20 yrs. Also many compliments over as the perfum was so unique The new parfum smelt a bit of an antiseptic smell  and iris and i dont like it at all and you can buy it at many shops. Not so exclusive or special and i would never buy it or wear it.Horrible. !was so disappointed. If i had have known i would have bought a new bottle from Tiffanys store before it was discontinued. Please bring it back. 

  23. I am very disappointed with the new Tiffany perfume.  My mother and sister also agree. I have been buying your old Tiffany perfume for 30+ years and barely a day went by where someone didn't comment on my fabulous perfume.  Since I've been wearing the new Tiffany, I have not received one comment.  No wonder as I don't like it either.  I gave it a try but it is nothing special.  Please bring the old, Tiffany perfume back.  You would make many of your very loyal customers happy.  Thank you.

  24. Please bring back the original!!  I have worn it for over 30 years and received compliments daily on it.  It was my signature scent — I never bought any other perfume.  My husband went to buy me some for our anniversary and found out it was discontinued.   I hate the new scent– too strong and smells like any other perfume out on the market.  Please give women a choice by carrying both scents.  

  25. Totally agree with ALL THE COMMENTS of the ORIGINAL Tiffanyveing the best. This cologne has been my absolute favorite for over 25 years. The new Tiffany fragrance is awful. Plain and simple it smells terrible. There should be a choice to choose from to say the least.  This is a prime example of not hearing the consumer, and what they desire, you will lose so much financially bust most of all the loyal customers and their confidence in your company, we will spend our money on something worthwhile that does not smell like old gym socks or a urinal deodorizer. 

    If you have any care or concern for your clientele you will listen to what we have to say and bring the ORIGINAL tiffinay back. You will be amazed at the positive response let alone at the influx of money from long time users repurchaseing. 

    • I agree with every negative comment. The freshness they were trying for the new fragrance to have, is terrible. Thank-goodness it was not lasting. I had a headache from it. Please let me know where I can find the original scent. 

  26. Yes I agree with so many others!  The new Tiffany perfume does nothing for me.  I have worn the original Tiffany for 30 years and got compliments on the daily on how good I smelled.  Tried the new scent and didnt get one compliment.  Why did they take it away, couldn't they just add the new one.  Not a good decision on their part!  PLEASE BRING IT BACK, I feel naked without it.

  27. Please bring back the classic fragrance. I have worn this forever and people would stop me and ask what I was wearing.  The new fragrance is just awful. I've tried everything out there and nothing comes close. .No reason to shop Tiffany's anymore.

  28. I have been on a search to replace my BELOVED Tiffany perfume – but nothing compares!

    The new Tiffany perfume smells like the cheapest Coty perfume from yesteryear- I threw my bottle away.

    Please Tiffany, bring back the only perfume I have worn every day for over 30 years !!!

    Every day someone ALWAYS asked  what beautiful scent I was wearing  And now I am so disappointed and sad. 

    BIG Mistake Tiffany 

  29. My precious husband gave me a Tiffany gift set in the early 90s and it has been my only perfume since! I was appalled when I attempted to reorder from the Tiffany site and was told the scent had been discontinued! That scent was the mark of Tiffany, the very soul of the Tiffany princess dream.  Are you people crazy? Please bring back our beloved perfume.

  30. In my 20's i  used to treat myself twice a year to the Eau de parfum…the scent became unavailable, then, discontinued.  I waited a few yrs, and found a bottle at an estate sale….still hoping the fragrance would be reissued , (i am 54 now) purchased samples and to my dismay it smells NOTHING like the now empty bottles i've kept.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS TIFFANY&CO THINKING??!! And, i am so glad that i stumbled onto these reviews, as i may have bought it and been THOROUGHLY disappointed AGAIN

  31. I totally agree.  I received this new fragrance for my 50th bday and nearly cried when I saw the box, knowing it did not contain "my" fragrance, the original Tiffany, which I have been wearing for over 25 years.  PLEASE bring back the original… NOTHING can even come close to it!

  32. The new fragrance is a complete disappointment! I also have been wearing the old fragrance for at least 15 years and every time I wear it someone always asks, “What are you wearing?”

    Tiffany, please bring back the the wonderful fragrance with the aroma that makes each and every female feel unique!


  33. I couldn't agree more, I HATE the new perfume. It smells just like everbody elses perfume  Tiffany's use to have it's own unique smell. A day wouldn't go by where someone didn't stop me and ask me what perfume I was wearing. I'm 52 years old and have been wearing it since I was 19. I lived in a small town in Colorado and had to order it from Chicago. 

    Way to go Tiffanies, getting in line with all the other sheep. You wouldn't want to stand out from the crowd or anything.

  34. I’ve tried hard to get used to the new Tiffany fragrances but can’t stand them, I miss the old Art Deco bottle and stand out musky fragrance I’ve been wearing for over 20 years. I appealed via customer services to be disappointed with their response. What a shame and tbh pulling the men’s fragrance which my husband wore. Please rethink!

  35. Does anyone know if the company is considering bringing the original fragrance back?  One spray in the morning carried me all day.  Men and women both commented how nice I smelled and I felt so comfortable in my own skin!  The new one is awful – Pachouli?!  Musk?! I just want to know if there is any hope the original will return.  I purchased it for years.  I imagine perfume sales would spike if they brought it back.

  36. Completely agree, been wearing this scent for +20 yrs and my husband went buy me more and was told they discontinued it but the sales lady was honest and told him no one likes the new one. 

  37. I totally agree with others. I do not like the new Tiffany fragrance. I thougjt I  could adjustment but—NOT!  I’ve been wearing the original /vintage Tiffany for over 30 years and I’m highly disappointed to say the least. I will not be making anymore purchases at Tiffany until they bring back the original fragrance!!

  38. I agree that the new fragrance is very disappointing.  The original fragrance was classy and sexy and demanded attention from men.  Now, it’s fruity and lightweight.  I bought the original for my wife years ago and that was all she wore.  Now, I wish she’d change.

  39. Like most of you, I have worn vintage Tiffany for over 30 years.  I received compliments ALL the time!  Needless to say, I am so disappointed.  

  40. I agree, I purchased to bottles of this for my Grandmother who loved it and unfortunately, the new fragrence is awful!  The original was so classy and elegant.

  41. I have never been more disappointed in a perfume.I always received a compliment  wearing  the classic Tiffany fragrance Bring it back please . This was a big mistake 

  42. When you were a fragrance for a lifetime,   others remember you by your aurora, ask you what you have on, radom people just come up to you wherever you go, remind me why they needed to update, freshen it up for younger generation?  Sounds more like a business ….decision….a poor one…because clearly the new fragrance is rubbish,  not worthy of the bottle,  let alone the name Tiffany.  Hopefully, someone down the road, has the recipe and will reintroduce this beautiful worthy fragrance back into the world…and those they were trying to impress  will really have a brilliant treat….

  43. My husband bought me a bottle of the original Tiffany scent every year.  We both LOVED the scent and I have always gotten complements on how good I smelled.  Tried the new fragrance once, just to say I gave it a try…..did not like it and received no complements on the new scent.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring the original back or let someone else have the recipe!

  44. I am so disappointed the old Tiffany scent is no longer available. I have worn it for more than 30 years. Does anyone know a fragrance that is similar?

  45. Can't understand the decission to exchange the old fragrance as well!

    I also wore it for over 25 years, nothing else! It was a very, very special scent and you could only get it in a Tiffany store. Now the new one can be bought in every drugstore! What a pitty.

    I couldn't find any other fragrance because nothing can compare to the old Tiffany.

    I like to have back!!

  46. The new Tiffany fragrances smell cheap and commonplace.  Let’s all write to the company and request it make the original fragrance once again. 

  47. My wife is so angry she has boycotted all purchases from Tiffany.  I'm sure she is not alone.  Terrible decision on their part.  

  48. I totally agree with all of the negative comments.  I've worn the old Tiffany for 20+ years and had strangers come up to me and ask me what I was wearing.  It lasted all day and into the evening.  I tried the new one and do not like it at all.  I'm trying to find a new fragrance but can't find anything that comes close to my beloved Tiffany (old version).  Does anyone know of a fragrance that I can try?

  49. I want my Tiffany Parfum back!  I wore it for my it my entire adult life.  It was ME!

    The new scents smell like a dime store cologne from my youth.  I am very sad.

  50. I have worn Tiffany for 20 plus years. I was horrified when I was told you couldn’t buy it anymore. Tried one spritz of the new scent it was awful and what ever is in it, made me have a sneezing fit. I threw it out. Please bring the ol Tiffany back. This is the only perfume I can wear that doesnt smell awful on me.

  51. “WHY?” is the question I have. Why ruin something that works … something that isn’t broken? Please Tiffany, listen to your customers, your loyal customers that have stayed with you for years, the customers who have taken the time to provide feedback to a brand that was connected to “class” Please return to Tiffany, the ORIGINAL 1987 Tiffany by Tiffany!

  52. This is such a disappointment to learn that this fragrance, my very favorite, has been discontinued. I have traveled the world and always have gotten compliments on my fragrance. At 76, many things are changing
    around me and this is evidence of change. If the market for Tiffany, the classic fragrance, is no longer important, surely those of us who love this fragrance are solid. Please bring it back.

  53. I want the old scent back. It was a beautiful aroma
    I received so many compliments on it
    Please bring it back. It seems so many dont like the new. Consider please. Maybe just a short period special.

  54. I agree with everyone! The new scent is blah! I wore the original starting in 1989 until they discontinued it. I ALWAYS got compliments on the scent and even converted several friends! Bring it back!!!

  55. I emailed them back in 2018 when the stock supplies ran out at the store in the financial district of Manhattan where I would purchase it and this was the reply they gave.

    “I understand the disappointment you must feel that the Tiffany fragrance is no longer available for sale. Tiffany began a partnership with a new supplier of fragrance, which resulted in our previous fragrances – Tiffany and Tiffany Pure – being retired. We apologize for your disappointment and any inconvenience this has caused you.”

    Well Tiffany decision makers, here we are 3 YEARS after introducing the new fragrance and 2 years since my wife finished the last of her vintage supply and not ONE of these comments has been addressed by a Tiffany & Co. rep. This shows us you have NO interest in what we have to say. Too bad because listening to these diehard, vintage fragrance comments from longtime fans and using them to market the return of the original fragrance would probably boost sales and more importantly make so many of us happy again.

  56. I echo everyone’s sentiments. I got my first bottle of Tiffany back in 1990 when I was in my mid-20’s and it has been my winter scent ever since. I was devastated to learn it had been discontinued. Like the Classic Coke debacle, you should not mess with a classic just to market to a new crowd. I NEVER get compliments on any scent like I do when I wear Tiffany. PLEASE BRING BACK THE CLASSIC TIFFANY.

  57. Please bring it back. Two orders immediately if you do, one for my daughter and one for me. Hurry: I’m 85 and running out of time!

  58. Mark – are you able to recommend anything that is similar to the notes of the original Tiffany perfume? At least until they realize that the company lost not only perfume buying customers, but buyers of other products because the perfume made purchasing scarves and jewelry an experience? Like everyone above has said the scent was original and all I ever wore for many years. My husband has been told to NEVER buy me anything from this company again…until they bring back this scent.

  59. Add me to the long list of disappointed original Tiffany perfume fans. I’m on my last bottle (somewhat oxidized, but still wonderful), and am wondering if anyone has approached a custom fragrance crafter who might be able to duplicate the original Tiffany scent?? If so, it would be a godsend to all these folks who are looking for a suitable alternative.

  60. I am still mourning the loss of the original 1987 Tiffany. My One-And-Only since ’87 when I was 17 yrs old. “Horrified” fails to describe the feeling in 2017. I walked into NYC’s Tiffany on 5th Ave for a new bottle, only to realize it was discontinued. WHY? I got constant compliments from EVERYONE, even strangers walking by. It’s now 2021 and still can’t find an alternative. I remain heartbroken and perfume-less. PLEASE BRING BACK ORIGINAL 1987 TIFFANY!!

  61. YES! Please, please bring back the original Pure Tiffany! I only started wearing it in 2008. There isn’t anything that matches this wonderful scent. Sadly, everything I have read, Tiffany isn’t bringing the original Tiffany back. 🙁

  62. Who in the world is doing your marketing ? Obviously someone who has no knowledge of quality ! I have worn the original Tiffany scent for years and always received complements on how good it smelled. Your replacement has a harsh smell that reeks of cheap perfume. I have tried wearing it and never received a single complement. If you are trying to attract a younger customer with this scent then fine go ahead, but don’t discontinue a winner. Give your customers a choice.

  63. Please bring back the original! Your latest launch of Rose Gold is just as disappointing as the rest!
    So many years later, I still miss the beautiful scent of the original.

  64. I asked my husband to stop buying me Tiffany jewelry unless the original perfume is back. NONE of the new fragrances compare.

  65. So comforting to read all your comments – I thought I was the only one who hates the new scent. I’ve only worn the original from my first visit to Manhattan in 1989 & devastated – hate the new one’s smell & still can’t find a new favourite. Has anyone found a new perfume that is similar ??
    Thankyou for any suggestions

    • Juliet, I have NOT found anything similar to vintage Tiffany. (I even paid for a company to match the scent. Waste of $$) I miss it SO much!!! The only perfume I will occasionally wear is Coach or Tommy Bahama “Very Cool”. 1989 is right around the time I started wearing Tiffany as well. 🙁

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