New Perfume Review Providence Perfume Co. Drunk on the Moon- Tipsy Tuberose

The independent perfumer behind Providence Perfume Co.; Charna Ethier, is one of the elite independent perfumers. When I named her as my Perfumer of the Year for 2018 the primary reason I gave is, “She has been one of the most consistently innovative perfumers I have encountered.” A reason for that is a trait which is shared by the other independent perfumers which also inhabit the top tier; they have an instinctual knowledge of the ingredients they work with. Ms. Ethier seems to always be considering what combinations can provide something different; Providence Perfume Co. Drunk on the Moon exemplifies that.

Charna Ethier

In the description from the brand Ms. Ethier says the name comes from a lyric by singer-songwriter Tom Waits. It is not the way I looked at the name after wearing it. Ms. Ethier wants to take tuberose and give it a face lift. It is one of the most divisive of white flowers among perfume lovers. It is the core of what people will derisively call “old lady perfume”. Ms. Ethier must have considered that because she accentuates the easier to like parts of the scent profile. The remainder of the construct gives it a bit of a Holiday feel, which I’ll admit I might be seeing because of the time of year I received my sample.

Ms. Ethier takes tuberose and does what many perfumers do with rose by focusing on the core of the ingredient. There is a gorgeous creamy floral in the middle of any tuberose. What makes it difficult for many is the mentholated green quality along with a fleshiness which turns it into one of the more carnal perfume pieces. Ms. Ethier manages to create a debutante tuberose. A fresher version capturing the delicate beauty. The rest of the way in Drunk on the Moon is Ms. Ethier is rebuilding that fuller tuberose with the use of alternatives. The first of those is a huge amount of nutmeg. It adds to that buttery aspect while concurrently providing a different sweetness from something like vanilla. This is such a fascinating difference from getting that menthol-like face of tuberose. It just comes together in an enchanting way. Instead of the fleshy part of tuberose Ms. Ethier chooses to find a different illicit quality as she creates a “velvet cream sherry” accord. This again accentuates the creaminess of the tuberose while also giving it a gentle booziness. It comes together to form a slightly tipsy tuberose; maybe waiting under the mistletoe.

Drunk on the Moon has 10-12 hour longevity and average sillage.

This is a perfume by a confident artist working at the highest levels. It is the best you can find anywhere. Ms. Ethier has made one of the best, maybe the best, perfumes of her illustrious career. I am impressed at the creativity it took to make this. I believe only a few could have achieved it.

Disclosure: This review was based on a sample from Providence Perfume Co.

Mark Behnke

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