New Perfume Review Calvin Klein cK Everyone- Staying in Your Lane

Calvin Klein is one of the most successful mass-market fragrance lines by giving their fans what they want. Ever since 1994 with the release of cK One that has been fresh and clean perfumes. Mostly as flankers of cK One or Eternity, especially recently. When there have been new attempts at new perfumes like Obsessed, they all hearken back to cK One. I recently received a sample of Calvin Klein cK Everyone and thought it was time to check back in with the brand.

Alberto Morillas

The house style of Calvin Klein is ideal for the current trend in perfume for the millennial generation. The perfumes have always been on the transparent side. For cK Everyone Alberto Morillas is the perfumer behind it. He understands this aesthetic since it was he and Harry Fremont who created it in cK One. One of the things which causes this to stand apart a tiny bit is there is a pinch more energy in it. When I tried it on a strip when the sample arrived it wasn’t as similar as the flankers usually are. I’m not trying to say this is a large departure but there are some nice flourishes on the typical Calvin Klein foundation.

It begins with the classic fresh citrus opening, in this case orange. What gives it that different energy is a booster of ginger. It is just the right amount. What comes next is the slight change I liked best. It is listed as a heart accord of blue tea. This has the feeling of a lighter tincture of black tea. Is that why it is blue? It is a transparent tea laid over typical aquatic ingredients. I enjoyed it more than I would have thought. The Calvin Klein cleanliness returns with a lot of clean woody cedar.

cK Everyone has 6-8 hour longevity and average sillage.

There is always talk of brands learning to stay in their lane. Which means understanding what your consumer wants and providing it to them. For the past twenty-five years you could say Calvin Klein has excelled at this. The latest evidence is cK Everyone.

Disclosure: This review is based on a sample provided by Calvin Klein.

Mark Behnke

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