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I love words. I love knowing interesting words so I can score big in Scrabble. I also like them because sometimes they fit a particular perfume I am wearing perfectly. Two of my favorite adjectives beginning with the letter V came to mind while enjoying the latest release from indie perfumer Tanja Bochnig and her April Aromatics brand called Purple Reign.

The first adjective is violaceous which is defined as “of a violet color”. Ms. Bochnig wanted Purple Reign to be inspired by “the purple flame” which is “a unique light of subtle realms that supports the enhancement of our vibrations”. That last word leads to the other adjective, vibrant. Most often it is defined as “full of energy and enthusiasm” I am thinking of it more as an alternative definition which reads “(of color) bright and striking”. Ms. Bochnig as a yoga teacher also keenly feels the spiritual harmonics and in Purple Reign wants to capture those.  


Tanja Bochnig

Working with an all-natural set of ingredients Ms. Bochnig pulls together a bouquet of some of the best purple flowers. At the heart of Purple Reign is a natural lilac tincture. This is the ingredient which reigns in Purple Reign. With this tincture lilac is drawn in strong very defined strokes. It allows what can often be a lilting note when used as an absolute a much stiffer spine. A regal spine. Sitting up erect on its throne. What other notes come to pay court is what makes Purple Reign so enjoyable.

The lilac is present right from the first moments as the tincture sets up the axle upon which things will travel. First up is violet and lavender. The violet adds its odd candied sweetness. The lavender hews more to its herbal nature. The lavender in particular meshes with the lilac tincture softening some of those stark lines. In the heart orris provides a powdery alternative purpleness. Jasmine deepens the sweetness. Even with all of that the lilac stands tall holding its own. The base is osmanthus and opopanax. Even here where these might have overwhelmed the lilac it still holds its head high beckoning the apricot nature of osmanthus and the earthy resinous quality of opopanax to kneel before it.

Purple Reign has 10-12 hour longevity and moderate sillage.

I have to return to vibrant as the final word on Purple Reign. Throughout the time I wore it I really was captured by the very distinct different tonal shifts around the lilac. That tincture can only come from the individuality which defines an indie perfumer. Purple Reign captures all of the positive vibrations that come with that independence.

Disclosure: this review was based on a sample provided by April Aromatics.

Mark Behnke

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  1. Mark, I always read your reviews but rarely comment, but I want you to know that I really really enjoy them! Thanks for adding to my vocabulary in this one. 🙂

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