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To contact Mark Behnke he can be e-mailed at: colognoisseur "at" gmail "dot" com

I am happy to receive any samples but the receipt of those samples does not guarantee that I will review the fragrance sent.

If you are interested in advertising on Colognoisseur please contact me via e-mail for further discussion.

3 thoughts on “Contact Me


    Hi Mark,

    In your opinion do you think Bertrand is an overworked perfumer? Do you think that his latest works are good or fair? I was looking forward to Explosions D' Emotions. Anything sparkle for you this year?

    David Ecker

    • David,

      Bertrand is one of those rare perfumers who seems to be able to produce many high quality releases in a year. I assume if he ever felt overworked he would take a break.


  2. Hey Mark,
    I expect this finds you well (and drinking good wine)!
    Loved reading your recent Pitti escapades!
    Looking forward seeing you next month at Sniffa.
    FYI – check your About Me page, Colognoisseur is miss-spelled.
    About Me
    Colgonoisseur is the blog from Mark Behnke former Managing Editor of CaFleureBon…

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