Colognoisseur 2022 Hopes and Wishes


As I always do I spend the last day of the year looking forward to the next year with some hopes and dreams.

Getting Back Up

Regular readers know this last part of 2021 has caused me to change some things here at Colognoisseur. Much of that has been because of things outside the world of fragrance. I really hope that I can find an equilibrium between my life and Colognoisseur in 2022. I’m going to try and channel legendary coach Vince Lombardi, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” For the first time in the history of this column it is up to me to make this happen.

One thing 2021 showed me was imaginative creative directors and perfumers don’t have to be bound by the past. This year past saw wonderful new ways of thinking about ingredients like oud and vanilla. I hope this same sense of adventure can expand to other ingredients. Maybe patchouli and tobacco could be the focal points for 2022.

One of These with a Perfume Topic

This year saw a greater use of teleconferences. It seemingly evolved every month. I would really like to see some of the big perfume organizations convene expert panels using this technology. Offering the opportunity to hear from the smartest communicators in perfumery would be a wonderful experience.

One other thing I would like to see is for the evaluators to get some credit. Most perfume brands use an evaluator as an indispensable part of the creative process. I’ve loved giving the creative directors and perfumers credit. It is past time for the evaluators to step out from the shadows.

Finally, my everlasting thanks for stopping by to read this blog the past year. The reason I’m trying to get my feet back under me is because I don’t want to let you down. Happy New Year!

Mark Behnke

4 thoughts on “Colognoisseur 2022 Hopes and Wishes

  1. Thank you for all these contributions to the fragrance world, especially in this column for us readers and consumers. You always provide valuable information and food for thought. Keep it coming, yet keep health first. All the best wishes!

  2. Thank you for filling our year with your incredible observations. Your blog has been a lifesaver this past year. Good health to all!

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