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Colognoisseur is the blog from Mark Behnke former Managing Editor of CaFleureBon, writer at Fragrantica, and Basenotes forum member Somerville Metro Man. I have been a lover of perfume for almost thirty years now. From my first bottle of Jovan Musk for my thirteenth birthday, I thought it would make me more attractive, to my favorite perfume of 2013 Knightsbridge de Robert Piguet, which just makes me smell fantastic, I have been fascinated with everything about the liquid in the bottle. My day job is as a research chemist working on rare and neglected diseases in the public sector. That training as a chemist makes me more than a little interested in the things that go into making perfume, both synthetic and natural. The name of this blog also came from a discussion on Basenotes on what to call a male perfume fanatic, perfumista seems feminine, even though it is genderless. One of the forum members, who goes by Quarry, came up with the mash-up combination of Cologne and Connoisseur to get Colognoisseur.

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mark – wow, out on your own. Fly free!

    I have to say that since meeting you at the Boston Sniffapalooza I have followed many of your reviews and I almost always agree with you. As an example, I bought Eight + Bob for my husband for Christmas, after smelling it for the first time in New Orleans. Expensive, but I really like it on him!

    I studied for 2 weeks at the Grasse Institute of Perfume this summer. Time of my life. 

    Stay well.

    • Sandy,

      Thank you for the encouraging words. 2 Weeks in Grasse sounds like paradise to me so happy you got to do that. Eight + Bob is a really fantastic fragrance especially for men glad I could help you out. 🙂


  2. I've met Mark twice previously at a conference on heterocyclic compounds, however I only recently learned that we share an enthusiasm for fragrances. I'll be reading Colognoisseur keenly from now on.


  3. Mark ,

     Knowledgeable gems like you are very rare. They must be preserved for a long time. I wish you good health, lots of luck and happiness.

    Surender Singh


  4. Mark, thank you for your delicious, accurate and compelling writing. I'm sitting here just about to crawl into bed… but Opus IX is keeping me more than slightly awake. I suspect the dreams that come will be emotional and challenging but perfect for my composer's mind… if I remember them. Mark Chan  

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